What We Believe

PEI believes in putting the student first. We are not a union and therefore believe that working with all levels of educational personnel will greatly benefit the education of all students in Iowa.

PEI believes in the privileges of Right-to-Work. Every educator in Iowa should have the freedom to choose to associate or not to associate with the organization of their choice. This freedom is presently afforded to only 22 states! In non-right-to-work states, educators do not have a choice – they must join the union!

PEI believes in Character Education. We have sponsored and co-sponsored several character education seminars and professional development workshops. In addition, we have teamed with Gene Bedley, founder of National Character Education Center (www.ethicsusa.org) and Darrell Scott, founder of Rachel’s  Challenge (www.rachelschallenge.org).

PEI believes in professional negotiations that allow educators and boards of education to reach consensus through free and open discussion. We oppose labor union-style collective bargaining and compulsory arbitration. The business of the people cannot be delegated to an outside authority. A student’s future is too important to negotiate with a union. Click here to read PEI’s Statement of Policy.

PEI believes in the right of every student to an educational program that meets his or her needs. We believe in student and parental freedom to access systems most appropriate for the individuals requirements.

PEI believes that public service is a public trust. In keeping with this, PEI firmly opposes teacher absenteeism such as sick-ins, strikes or other forms of labor union-style behavior.

PEI believes in the right of all employees to partake in the initiation and development of policies that affect them. This means respectful dialog must take place for all stakeholders while forming guidelines and procedures for optimum management and most effective educational systems.

PEI believes that good teachers, good schools and a successful democracy go hand in hand.