Statement of Policy

The Collective Bargaining Law, Chapter 20 Code of Iowa, is legal and optional for all public schools. The law requires inclusion of nonunion members within a bargaining unit to be notified of the proposed agreement before ratification. Nonunion members are permitted by law to be included in the bargaining and ratification process. PEI believes the law should and must be followed, including nonunion participation for all aspects of the contract. Exclusion of anyone denies diversity of beliefs and interests as well as contributing to the breakdown of communication.

Professional Educators of Iowa philosophically believes that local school boards, administrations, teachers, and all other employees should take no action on any issue that will not ultimately be for the good of the students served. PEI rejects the assumption that collective bargaining is essential for good working conditions, as is evidenced by the numerous Iowa school districts that have chosen to work in another capacity. Adversarial style bargaining is detrimental to employee cohesiveness and morale, as well as community relations. This type of bargaining is often a financial drain, and can become a time-consuming distraction that undermines the real mission of our schools.