Top 10 Reasons to Join SPEI

1.  It’s a bargain at only $20!

2. You’ll get $2 million worth of liability coverage and personalized legal assistance.

3. As a member of PEI you gain our office expertise for issues and answers.

4. We are career security for the things you want to gain in your future.

5. When you join PEI you get the most coverage available in the state.

6. We give the most for the least and you can join right now!

7. We provide training, instruction, and political influence.

8. We provide the tools for you to be successful and professional in your career…and be the best teacher you can be.

9. We are efficient and we provide the best liability and legal coverage available.

10. When you land your first teaching job you get full membership for 50% off the first year!

Over 800 students have made the SPEI choice.

You can’t beat this anywhere because we are an Iowa association and we answer only to our members and our voluntary governing board of professional educators.