PEIF Scholarships

Professional Educators of Iowa is pleased to announce the PEI—PEIF scholarship program for the year 2019 with over $5,000 available to award!


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Established to create an ongoing network of educational awareness for Iowa educators, PEIF awards student and teacher academic scholarships by financially supporting worthwhile educational endeavors.

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Association Scholarship – Available for members and their families

Foundation Scholarships for StudentsAvailable to ALL Iowa students

Foundation Scholarships for Teachers and AssociatesAvailable to ALL Iowa educators regardless of affiliation

Foundation Matching Scholarships


NOTE: Recipients must wait four years to apply for another award or scholarship.   All recipients’ photos will be featured in the PEI newsletter and on the PEI web site.  Pictures must be received before monetary awards are given.


PEI Professional Educator of the Year  – One $500 Award

This award is to honor educators who exemplify the essence of professionalism. Nominees can be recommended by administrators, peers, or parents. An application must be requested from the PEI office.

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College Book Scholarship  – Ten $100 Scholarships

This scholarship will be awarded to students who will graduate from high school during the 2018-2019 school year.  This scholarship is a drawing. To be considered for the drawing, students planning to further his/her education in a program leading to a two or four year certificate or degree should submit their high school transcript along with the Scholarship Cover Sheet. The award will be paid directly to the post-secondary institution of choice upon successful completion of the first semester.

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Teacher of Tomorrow  – One $500 Scholarship

This scholarship is for any Iowa high school senior aspiring to teach. It will be awarded on the basis of the student’s career goal as an educator, academic record, accomplishments, and community involvement.  Interested students should submit:

  • Official transcript
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher
  • Essay explaining why they want to be a teacher
  • Bio on accomplishments and community services

The award will be paid directly to the post-secondary institution of choice upon successful completion of the first semester

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Ed Christian Memorial – One $100 Scholarship

The Ed Christian Memorial Scholarship has been created to assist a student who is pursuing a career in a scientific field. The award will be for a graduating senior in Iowa who is pursuing an area of science in a two or four year college or university.  Interested students should submit:

  • Official transcript: GPA, Class Rank, Compass Score
  • Letter of recommendation
  • List the career in the field of science in which you are interested in pursuing
  • Describe your goal(s) in the scientific world
  • Qualifications that contribute to your eligibility for being awarded the Ed Christian Memorial Scholarship

The award will be paid directly to the post-secondary institution of choice upon successful completion of the first semester.


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Educational Persistence – One $500 Scholarship

This unique award is for high school seniors or students currently enrolled as education majors and requires a recommendation from a PEI member. The student must be pursuing an education degree.  The applicant must submit:

  • Official transcript: GPA, Class Rank, Compass Score
  • Bio on accomplishments and community services
  • One page essay describing the obstacles the applicant has faced and overcome in pursuit of his/her educational goals

The award will be paid directly to the post-secondary institution of attendance upon successful completion of the following semester.

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PEI License Renewal Credit Class Half Price Awards – Up to $1000 Available

Apply now!  PEIF is offering half price scholarships for educators attending PEI Professional Development Classes. These scholarships are intended to help classroom teachers expand their professional skills and knowledge in areas of ethics, classroom management, dyslexia, leadership, financial literacy, and stem.

To apply for a scholarship, please submit a paragraph describing the workshop that you wish to attend and the direct benefits that you expect this opportunity to bring to you and your students.

Scholarship awards will be applied directly to the Professional Development class specified in the application (limit one per person).

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Teacher Associate of the Year – One $200 Awards

Nominate your associate! This award is a stipend for those individuals who have generously assisted in the classrooms. To nominate an associate, write about their commitment, love of children and any other pertinent information. You may include letters from other educators and parents. Please include information about yourself and why your associate is the best.

The recipient will also receive a complimentary 1-year membership with PEI which includes the $2,000,000 liability coverage.

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Local  PEI Chapter Matching Scholarships – Twelve $150 Scholarships

Local chapters with their own scholarship fund and selection process may receive $150 to boost their dollar amount for their school.  The scholarship must be given publicly at an assembly or awards ceremony and presented by a local PEI member.  It should go toward locally approved criteria which will be on file with the PEI office.  Preferred criteria will include character, need, occupational pursuit, and public service.  Ties will be determined by drawing.