I am proud to be a member of PEI, and impressed with the quality of “action” that takes place through the organization.  Between your support for Leadership Seminars and Annual Conferences, I feel like I am a part of something where I can be heard, and action will take place based on those thoughts.  Beyond those benefits, I have not even mentioned the Liability Insurance, Legal Representations, PD Awards and Scholarships, etc.  And did I mention the $240/year?!  This is an outstanding organization!

Jeff Corbett — Lynnville-Sully

I was completely taken aback by an unexpected situation last year but I have learned a lot from having experienced it.  I am glad I had PEI there to help me through it.  Those issues from last year have now blown over and everything is going well again this year.  I tell everyone I can about PEI and how well my situation was handled.

Kory Staff — South Tama

Today’s world is scary – it seems anyone can get sued or accused at the drop of a hat, even going back in time to dredge up accusations. My fifteen-year membership in Professional Educators of Iowa is one of my most essential financial obligations, at an incredibly reasonable price. That said, for the amount of coverage it provides, it is a phenomenal value. I frequently email or call to help others or stay on top of issues, and am met with answers within minutes or hours. You insure every other thing in life: car, health, home… why would you not insure your job that pays for it all? PEI is my only choice and is highly recommended.

Jennifer Campbell

About 5 years into my 28 year career, I decided to join PEI.  Our district, up to that point, had been a “100% district”.  Everyone belonged to the union.

Belonging to our local meant you were REQUIRED to also join the ISEA and the NEA.  This never sat well with me, since my political and personal beliefs didn’t line up with theirs, especially the NEA’s.  I wanted to belong to an organization that put the student first and didn’t push any sort of political agenda.

These were the things that led me to PEI.

Joe White

By far the best purchase of my teaching career.  PEI will be there the minute you need them.  Easy to contact, you even get to talk to real humans who care about you, remember who you are, and support you through every aspect of any issue.  Kind, caring, and very professional.

Jan Cray

For me, PEI has been an excellent fit.  Initially, I was drawn to the liability coverage and legal protection at a reasonable price. Over time, I have been impressed by the overall philosophy of PEI. They are student first, non-partisan, and professional. Coupled with personalized service, these characteristics make PEI a great organization.

Kevin Rohne

I am a proud member of PEI and highly impressed with the quality of PEI. The support is amazing and the best I have ever had as an educator. I know that the PEI staff fully backs their teachers and schools 100%.
PEI goes above and beyond the call of duty to help when you need it; they are always there for you. I think that the best part of PEI is the fact that they actually care about you, and not because you belong to their organization. PEI is truly a family!
Belonging to PEI is nothing short of amazing! The benefits that PEI gives you are truly wonderful- from the liability insurance, the legal representations, and the fact that they are truly educationally centered. They also care about the impact to students and schools alike, offer scholarships to their teachers and their families, and keep you updated to what is going on, never kept in the dark or caught by surprise. There are amazing supplemental benefit options. You get all of the amazing support, friendship, and amazing benefits for a mere $240 a year, which is considerably less than other options teachers have, and is an additional benefit.  Between all of the support you receive and the cost of joining PEI is truly a winning deal for any educator.

Laura Stearns

I first became a PEI member almost 20 years ago.  I had been a member of the ISEA/NEA, and was tired of being told what to believe and how to vote.  I had ended my membership there, but was nervous about having no liability coverage.  I found a PEI flyer, and began to read.  Besides the liability coverage, the first thing that caught my attention was that PEI was focused on the best things for children!!  I had been disgusted with some of the NEA’s positions and actions that emphasized benefits for teachers, but didn’t seem very concerned about what it would do to education in general, or to our most important clients–the kids!!  I was thrilled that a child-centered organization that could provide me with the coverage I needed could even exist, let alone be so affordable!!


Since my return to the state of Iowa in 2009, I have been a PEI member again.  The staff and organization have been incredibly supportive, friendly, and helpful!  I have really enjoyed the chance to get to know and network with other like-minded educators from around the state.  I also appreciate the chance to have a voice that can be heard in the Iowa State government.  I have been able to discuss issues, directly and indirectly, with legislators and people from the Department of Ed.

Jill Philby

I have been with PEI for five years and I’m glad that I made the move to PEI.  I have been able to attend leadership conferences, fun trips like baseball games, and even went to the statehouse to have our voice heard.  PEI cares about it’s members and works to build personal and professional relationships, while keeping cost at a minimum.  My wife and I are glad we made the choice to join an organization like PEI that cares about us, our needs, and more.

Kevin Johnson

I’ve been a member of PEI for 20 years. They’ve supported me in times of trouble, educated me at conferences, visited my school, and entertained me on baseball road trips. Through it all, I’ve had the peace of mind in knowing their expertise was just a phone call away, they would show up when needed, and their guidance was trustworthy, accurate, and truthful. I am honored and proud to be a member of PEI.

Julie Tremmel

I had called PEI completely ready to leave a profession I love and students I adore. PEI was with me every step of the way to offer re-assurance, guidance, and support.  Phone calls, e-mails, and notes of encouragement, all guided me in my decision to follow my heart and stay.  I cannot thank PEI enough.

Patti Miller

I also wanted to let you know again how wonderful it has been to have your group with me during this whole process! I had immediate feedback on several items, in person support at meeting and consultations, and good advice along on the way.  I am so glad I am a member of such a great group of people at PEI. Thanks again for all the help you have given me over the past few months.

Brian B.

I cannot express enough how much I appreciate Jim Hawkins and Jodie Nation as Senior and Executive Directors of PEI. The support, encouragement and advice were invaluable that I received from these very passionate people. I truly have been blessed through the work of PEI.

Peggy Watkins

The BOEE has dismissed the case against me thanks to your assistance. You were very supportive from conversation one and made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that you truly cared about what happened to me.

Gary Thompson
Nodaway Valley Community Schools

PEI was a breath of fresh air for me as it offered me the opportunity to focus on student learning while belonging to a professional organization on a more local setting. I do not have to belong to a national group with an agenda I don’t support. With PEI I have found this freedom. Iowa’s state motto is “Our liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain.” PEI embodies this freedom.

Shirley Welander

PEI has provided me with a support system of like minded professionals. The step of faith of a few in Indianola has developed into a strong group of teachers willing to stand up for what we believe is right for children and educators as well.

PEI has allowed me to have a voice in issues like RTW. Jim and Jodie work long and hard to keep members informed of issues that matter to us. They have encouraged me to take a stand for what I believe is right.

Kathy Turnball
Indianola Community Schools

Without PEI there wouldn’t be a choice for us individuals that disagree with the way ISEA/NEA is heading. I appreciate the fact that PEI works for education in Iowa. I don’t agree with the NEA getting mixed up with other political and social issues that aren’t related to education. Why would I give my hard earned money to an organization that has an agenda outside of working for the rights of its teachers? I also appreciate the fact that PEI listens to each of its members and asks for our input, regardless of our political affiliate. PEI has affordable dues, they provide protection for me, they are responsive to my needs and local situations and they don’t support any specific candidate in politics. They let me use my own mind and make informed decisions.

Curt and Susan Seehusan
Mason City Community School District

Having a professional organization such as PEI supporting me as an educator and coach is a reassuring feeling in this day and age. PEI serves educators, not special interests. Their only focus is making our educational system more functional and as a member I feel that I have a voice in the future of education.

Cory Willis, Social Studies
Pleasantville Community Schools

I want to thank Jim, Jodie and PEI for all of the timely information they provide to help keep me aware of what’s going on (it is no small chore to keep me aware of what is going on). Because of their efforts, I was able to keep up with “fair share” in the legislature, and as a result of that I was drug into the world of e-mail and now know the names of my representative and senator. PEI’s presence at the straw poll helped open the eyes of some independents that didn’t know about PEI as well as open the eyes of some NEA members who didn’t know about NEA’s social agenda.

Corwin Stuart
BGM Schools

As a young, optimistic, naive teacher I found myself paying high union dues with no clue what I was actually a member of, what I was supporting, or how those dues were used. I joined because I was unaware of any other organizations and those who did not belong were not looked upon very well. Years later, I realized PEI was out there and checking into it, I found it to be what I describe as a clean organization. What I mean by that is that PEI doesn’t make political choices for me, but rather supports the issues that I, as a teacher, am passionate about. Education should be about what is best for our kids. Whenever we get into a dilemma at our school, our principal always reminds us about the bottom line question: “What is best for the students?” PEI thinks in those same terms. I have never been interested or tuned in to politics. However, my experiences have taught me that politics enters in to our education system. Whether we like it or not, we have to pay attention to what is going on at that level. Tunnel vision can lead to disaster. PEI does a great job of filtering what is going on so I can use my time to address what is relevant to my situation as an educator.

Glenna Camp
Winterset Community Schools

As a former Superintendent (25 years) and Christian, I have always been a strong supporter of PEI. My daughter is a member. I am in hopes that more people with my views (conservative) will begin to serve on boards and recognize that professional organizations such as PEI, which focuses on meeting the needs of kids rather than themselves, would help re-energize those educational professionals.

Craig Scott

PEI is truly what it says it is: Professional Educators of Iowa. Professional educators are concerned about the education of the children they serve. They make decisions that are in the best interests of students. PEI supports and encourages professional educators without taking up unrelated political agendas. Thanks P E I for being the only true organization for the professional educators of Iowa!

Jack Darland, Jr.
Cedar Falls, IA

Upon entering education after the service in 1973, I joined the local, state and national educational organizations and even served as treasurer for a few years in my local. The local was and still is composed of fine teachers.

While in the local organization, I got interested in what was going on in the national and soon discovered their attitude toward abortion which was in support of it. It was not the attitude that I supported so I did not join after that discovery.

And then along comes PEI and they supported the children totally which I understood upon going to one of the first meetings. I sat down for lunch with the leaders and what to my wonderful surprise was that they said grace before the meal. I became more endured to them with that example. (There is a God.) And there is no support of abortion— This is one of my main reasons for staying.

As time went on, I realized how low the dues were and that they did not support any PACs. I remember how the usual state association started that with the bait and switch technique—-we will take your dollar for PACs and if you do not agree, ask and we will give it back. Soon it was in the dues and growing.

Today I still join for the additional reasons:

  • Much better insurance (Insurance is the main reason I initially joined any one, and still a strong reason today)
  • Low dues and flexible joining
  • I choose whom I can support in public office
  • Excellent Leadership with service to the members

William M. Grothus
Pleasant Valley Community Schools

When I started teaching 25 years ago, I was invited to join ISEA/NEA. With each passing year, I started to pay closer attention to the state and national unions’ political stance. That is when I came to the conclusion that the union no longer represented my values. In 1999 my husband heard Jan Mickelson on WHO interview Professional Educators of Iowa’s director, Jim Hawkins. I was encouraged to find out more about the organization. Professional Educators of Iowa gave me a choice, a choice I could not pass up. It offers better benefits than IEA/NEA. More importantly, it is not politically driven. The focus is on better education for Iowa’s students. I am proud to say I am a PEI member.

Vanita Moberg
Creston Community School District

PEI shares my strongly held belief that the children should remain the priority in education. When you join the teacher’s union a majority of your union dues are used to support non-educational issues such as pro-gay and pro-abortion rights! When our state legislature attempted to take away my right to work without association with the union, PEI fought a battle to be proud of! With PEI, I get better protection, more professional representation, and I am not supporting political and social agendas that I simply don’t agree with! PEI is an easy choice for me.

Sheryl Leonard, NBCT
Holstein, IA

I joined PEI because I am a dedicated teacher. I view the student as the most important part of education and do not think it revolves around the teacher. I believe in the “right to work”! I am an independent person and believe in making career decisions for myself. PEI provides me with the independence earned as a professional. I appreciate the group benefits which includes reasonable dues, insurance, and legal representation. I am proud that it is politically nonpartisan.

Vicki Logue, Health Sciences
Norwalk High School

In my 30+ years of teaching, I have not lost my primary focus: Students first. My introduction to Professional Educators of Iowa was an ideal fit with this philosophy that, as professionals, our best interest is to place our children first, without political partisanship and misdirected appropriation of dues towards non-educational and controversial agendas. The added bonus of PEI membership has been the unparalleled liability coverage and legal representation that are necessary in our profession. All this – and more – with the support of dedicated and personable PEI staff!

Dave Bousfield
Iowa City, IA

After our decertification from the union, PEI was a tremendous help as we established ourselves as an independent education association, Professional Educators of Pomeroy-Palmer. PEI continues to be a resource and support for us as a professional organization and for us as individual educators focused on what’s best for students.

Linda Christoffers
Pomeroy-Palmer Community School